Sainz & Raventós has extensive experience in providing specialized advice in several legal practice areas.



Corporate and Commercial Law

Sainz & Raventós has provided corporate and commercial advice since 1976, being the main areas of advice the following:

  • On-going advice for companies and other legal entities.
  • Company Secretary (board and shareholders’ meetings).
  • Drafting of shareholder agreements.
  • Challenging corporate resolutions.
  • Company acquisitions and sales.
  • Merger and spin-off processes.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Legal Due Diligence.
  • Advice on drafting and negotiating contracts (national and international):
    • Purchase agreements for shares and/or assets.
    • Non-disclosure agreements.
    • MOUs and letters of intent.
    • Call and put option agreements.
    • Joint Venture agreements.
    • Franchise agreements.
    • Distribution, agency, manufacturing and supply agreements.
    • License agreements.
    • Financial leases, hire purchase, loans, deposits, etc.
    • Service and works agreements.
    • E-contracting.


Sainz & Raventós has a recognized experience in tax advisory services on both national and international levels. Our tax team provides the best technical advice and most innovative solutions to the clients.

  • Advice to companies and individuals.
  • Advice and assistance to deal with tax impositions.
  • Tax burden optimization (nationally and internationally).
  • Tax planning for owned assets.
  • Tax planning and advice in business restructuring operations.
  • Tax Due Diligence. Tax risks and contingencies.
  • International tax advice for offshore companies.
  • Assistance and representation in management, verification and collection procedures.
  • Economic-administrative appeals and claims against resolutions issued by the Official Tax Administration.
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative procedures before the ordinary jurisdiction.
  • Advice on foreign investments in Spain.
  • Real estate taxation issues.
  • “Family Office” tax advisory services.

Insolvency Law

Sainz & Raventós provides in-depth management of bankruptcy problems as well as a comprehensive consultancy service in commercial, labor, financial, tax or procedural issues related to the bankruptcy. The main services offered by this practice area include:

  • Preparation, filing and follow-up of insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Representing creditors in insolvency proceedings.
  • Defence in reintegration actions.
  • Assistance in renegotiation of debts.
  • Industrial relations during company crisis situations.
  • Negotiation and drafting of bankruptcy agreements.
  • Financial and corporate restructuring.
  • Negotiations with interested parties in the procedure.
  • Director’s liability.


The litigation team of Sainz & Raventós provides a personal advice on all kinds of procedures at any level and jurisdiction. The main provided services are the following:

  • Advice on judicial procedures in civil law, corporate law, administrative law, criminal law and tax law.
  • National and international arbitration.
  • Assistance and advice on international proceedings.
  • Recognition and execution of judgements (both national and foreign).
  • Advice in conflict situations arising in business field.
  • Claims arising from contractual relations.
  • Product liability, general consumer claims and off-contract liability.
  • Advice on insolvency and bankruptcy procedures.
  • Antitrust and unfair competition cases.

Real Estate Law

Our team owns a wide expertise in all practice areas of real estate law, being the main provided services:

  • Negotiation and drafting of real estate related contracts.
  • Real estate financing.
  • Advice, planning and implementation of national and international real estate investments.
  • Tax advice on real estate investments.
  • Advice concerning compensation and expropriation procedures.
  • Advice on real estate licences and construction permits.
  • Assistance in litigations and administrative proceedings related to real estate.

Civil Law

Sainz & Raventós provides accurate legal services not only to commercial groups or corporations but also to individual persons. Therefore, our team will assist you on any matter arising from your personal or professional field. The main services provided in this area are mentioned below:

  • Family Law: negotiation and drafting of divorce and separation agreements, assistance and advice on family judicial or mediation proceedings, recognition and execution of foreign judgements, tax advice concerning any family aspects, advice and assistance on incapacity and tutelage declarations procedures.
  • Inheritance Law: our team of specialized lawyers in this practice area provides personal and thorough advice and assistance on will drafting, tax related issues, private inheritance procedures and judicial proceedings.
  • Contract Law: negotiation and drafting of any kind of civil contracts such as renting or leasing of movable property or real estate, finance contracts, condominium regime or horizontal property, rights in rem, any sort of civil contracts between individual persons, general consumer rights, contractual and extra-contractual liability, torts and any other civil contract matter.
  • Incorporation and general legal advice and assistance of associations, foundations or any other sort of private entities under specific regulation.

Labor Law

  • Labor contracts.
  • Labor auditing and social security advice.
  • Dismissals and restructuring. Collective dismissals.
  • Collective bargaining.
  • Prevention of risks at work.
  • Work-related accidents.
  • Legal assistance before the labour authorities and union representatives.
  • Assistance and legal defence before labor administration and courts.
  • On-going advice and assistance to human resources departments concerning labor aspects that may arise during daily activity.
  • Arbitrations and mediations proceedings.

Criminal Law

  • Economic crimes.
  • Occupational health and safety crimes.
  • Crimes against persons, privacy, honor and property.
  • Crimes against intellectual and industrial property.
  • Company crimes against the tax and social security authorities.
  • Crimes against workers’ rights.


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