The team of professionals at Sainz & Raventós is made up of more than 15 lawyers and economists with expertise in a breadth of legal practice.


The talent of our professionals, their knowledge in the areas of specialisation as well as our empathy with and commitment to the client are the key characteristics of our team.

Our mastery of English, French, German and Mandarin Chinese, along with Catalan and Spanish, means we can provide excellent international service, understanding the subtleties of language and culture.

Our team of professionals combines their ability to anticipate our clients’ needs, with rigor, confidentiality and commitment. Their attitude is, without a doubt, our principle virtue.


The founding partners are:

julio sainz

Julio Sainz Gabriel

- Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona in 1976.
- MBA from ESADE.
- Member of the Barcelona Bar Association since 1977.
- Diploma in European Community Law from the Barcelona Bar Association.

Julio Sainz has had a long career as a lawyer specializing mainly in civil, commercial and labor law. In his professional career of over 35 years, he has taken on and directed numerous issues in the areas of national and international company law. He has advised medium and large companies on everything from day-to-day matters to complex mergers, spin-offs and acquisition operations. He has also provided advice and mediation services in family and inheritance conflicts.

pedro raventos

Pedro Raventós Negra

- Degree in Business Administration from ESADE.
- Auditor at Grant Thornton International from 1980 to 1986.
- Tax consultant since 1986 at the Sainz & Raventós law and economics firm.


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